Hello and welcome to my new blog!

My name is Zoe Robertson and this is my story on how we formed Hair on point LTD.

My hair journey began a few years ago when I enrolled on my level 2 Diploma in Women’s hairdressing, instantly I found hair and everything involved about the hair industry fascinating. Furthering what I had already experienced and learned at college I enlisted myself onto a colour technician course to gain more technical colour skills and of course, crazy colours.

My strong suit and passion was always colouring and styling long hair, I found the longer the hair the more dramatic outcomes and it gave me the ability to create amazing finished products. I continued to do hairdressing for a year and gained more experience until one day I saw an advert that was going to change my career plan forever…Extensions! This immediately clicked for me and I booked the course straight away. I studied various methods such as Micro Bonds, Fusion Bonds, Nano Bonds, Flatlocks, then did an additional course to learn LA Weave, Micro Weft and Tape Extensions. I have been fitting extensions now for two years and absolutely love it! I have wonderful clients and have gained so much understanding in the industry over these last two years and I’m now more confident than ever.

Inevitably I started to have a few problems holding down a good reliable supplier which was the only stressful part of my work, so I looked into the direct suppling world myself.

Hours, week’s even months have gone into us researching, testing and trailing so many different samples of hair from all over the world to find the best quality hair for amazing prices. Being a hair extension wearer myself I know that good quality and good prices are so important in this industry. I have been using my own brand hair now for the past 6 months and already have a few mobile extensionists buying our hair and we’ve had nothing but great feedback so far.

Below I have added some photos so you can see some of my work, I’ve also added some pictures where our hair has been fitted by independent extensionists. I feel very passionate about my business both selling hair and fitting it. I am looking forward to starting new customer relationships and business contacts. We know you won’t be disappointed with our hair or products!

Any questions feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you,

Zoe Robertson


Hair on Point LTD

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Pictures underneath are from ou clients, Our Hair Your Work.......

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